Instastyle Indulgences

  1. These Prada shoes I pulled from The Tannery for a recent shoot (and unfortunately didn’t end up using), reminded me of shoes I owned back in the 90′s—most likely from Delia’s, as the magazine’s editor remarked.
  2. The all things cool and made in Brooklyn shop, aptly named, By Brooklyn, hired me to re-merchandise their jewelry cases last week. I had a lot of fun with it, working with found items like drawers and crates they acquired from old BK shops, but had sitting in their basement. Check it out if you’re in the hood.
  3. I also just dropped out a ton of new (but made with vintage pieces) watch necklaces from my line, etc…, at By Brooklyn.
  4. These spools I picked up at the Brimfield Antique Fair a couple of weeks ago made perfect displays for my popular etc… watchband bracelets.
  5. My bff came to visit me in Brooklyn last weekend, so I had to take her to one of my favorite destinations, The Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg, in Williamsburg. Not only do you get a great view of Manhattan, but you can try the most delicious (and affordable) local treats. I also got my picture snapped by the stylish blog, College Fashionista while I was there.
  6. I was in banana ice cream (made with ONLY frozen bananas) topped with Nutella heaven made by Rob & Anna’s at Smorgasburg—always the best $5 ever spent.

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One Thought on “Instastyle Indulgences

  1. Anita @ Anita's Feast on July 31, 2012 at 9:41 pm said:

    Love your watch necklaces! And I agree…the banana ices with Nutella…are definitely the way to go at Smorgasburg. Virtually guilt-free and totally delicious.

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