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Instastyle Indulgences

  1. These Prada shoes I pulled from The Tannery for a recent shoot (and unfortunately didn’t end up using), reminded me of shoes I owned back in the 90′s—most likely from Delia’s, as the magazine’s editor remarked.
  2. The all things cool and made in Brooklyn shop, aptly named, By Brooklyn, hired me to re-merchandise their jewelry cases last week. I had a lot of fun with it, working with found items like drawers and crates they acquired from old BK shops, but had sitting in their basement. Check it out if you’re in the hood.
  3. I also just dropped out a ton of new (but made with vintage pieces) watch necklaces from my line, etc…, at By Brooklyn.
  4. These spools I picked up at the Brimfield Antique Fair a couple of weeks ago made perfect displays for my popular etc… watchband bracelets.
  5. My bff came to visit me in Brooklyn last weekend, so I had to take her to one of my favorite destinations, The Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg, in Williamsburg. Not only do you get a great view of Manhattan, but you can try the most delicious (and affordable) local treats. I also got my picture snapped by the stylish blog, College Fashionista while I was there.
  6. I was in banana ice cream (made with ONLY frozen bananas) topped with Nutella heaven made by Rob & Anna’s at Smorgasburg—always the best $5 ever spent.

Weekend Getaway

Tunic: Alexander Wang (similar online) | Dress (worn underneath): Loomstate | Bag: Cambridge Satchel | Hat: Scala (similar online) | Bracelets: etc…,  Gypsies and Debutantes | All Other Jewelry: vintage

My favorite weekend getaway is not the Hamptons, or Fire Island, or The Jersey Shore—though I love visiting 2 out of 3 of those, being a native Long Islander). It’s the Berkshires.

I went away this past weekend there with a couple of girl friends and had a blast reminiscing about our summers spent there as kids. These pictures were from a trip a couple of weeks ago to the area (I finally found them, after being lost for a while), but every time I go there it’s a pretty laid back vibe. It used to be a hippie town, but in recent years has gotten a bit more posh. I even spotted Kevin Bacon at a sushi restaurant there a few years ago.

It was bizarre to return this summer to see the usual patchouli-filled stores being replaced by shops you may find in NYC, but nonetheless, it was nice to be surrounded by such an artsy community. There’s nothing like an inspiring getaway.


Vintage Andi Fridays – That 70′s Style

Barbra Streisand’s 70′s style in the book Handbags: What Every Woman Should Know

While my mother’s vintage style was a huge influence on my own, I’m also completely enamored with the fashion of 70′s icons like Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, Diane Keaton, and believe it or not, Barbra Streisand. This look is the epitome of laid back style from that era that still holds up today. I love how she took a bag that appears to be from the 1920′s-30′s and made it modern and timeless.

Babs was quoted that the 1970′s was “not a glamorous era.” True, the styles were not as glamorous as decades past, but to me, its style was a laid back bohemian glamour that still holds up today.


Tricks of The Trade – Double Duty

  1. Rainbow Braid Thread - This is not only functional (and not to mention quite pretty), but it’s a big space saver for the not so serious sewer. I keep this guy in my sewing kit and just pull out the color I need when I need to re-fasten a button or add a stitch quickly on set.
  2. Ironing Board Cover Fasteners - It seems very few people iron anymore, so if these clips are going to waste, you can repurpose them for stirrups to keep jeans nicely in boots.
  3. Dritz Small Seam Ripper - Duh, it rips seams. Though this is handier than you think. Keep one on hand to get those itchy or often obnoxious labels off of clothing without putting a hole in it.
  4. Papermate Sharpwriter #2 Mechanical Pencil - Okay, it’s a pencil, so what? Well not only can you use it as a writing implement, but that handy dandy eraser actually can fix a pesky zipper! Rub it on the area that is stuck and it should glide over it easier.
Tools all can be found at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply online. 

Black & Brown

vintage dress / Zara belt / Bass shoes / Rebecca Minkoff bag / etc… bracelet / Free People sunnies (similar online)

I don’t believe fashion has rules. Maybe guidelines—but rules can be broken. We’ve been trained like slaves to fashion to not wear white after labor day, to not wear socks with sandals, to not mix black and brown (as seen here). This is all false.


-Go ahead and keep your summer whites out when we transition to fall. White was not all over the spring runways, but it was a huge trend for fall 2012 fashion, so get the most out of your wardrobe in this economy!

-While I don’t support wearing athletic socks with anything but athletic shoes, I do support wearing dressy socks with a heeled sandal or fancy hiking socks with shoes like seen here. Think I’m crazy? Even the Huffington Post reported on it a couple of years ago. 

-Forget the rule your parents (and their parents) have engrained in their heads: match your belt to your shoes and match your bag to that, etc. Mix it up instead to avoid looking so matchy-matchy.

If it looks good, then why not?

What’s your favorite fashion “rule” to break?


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