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Betsey Johnson dress (sample sale) / Zara belt / J.Lo shoes (Loehmann’s) / Barney’s bag / Ray Ban sunniesetc… watchband bracelet / Alex and Ani bracelets / Shaya bangles / Nixon watch 

You know me, I love me some army candy. For the past few years, I’ve been looking for a mens style watch—yes, I’m a little late on the trend—but I didn’t want to wear something so, well, trendy.

While I adore the cool oversized Michael Kors watches like this one and the Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watches like this one, I have been holding out for something that I’ve never seen on any other woman (so far).

Well, I finally got the one I’ve been holding out for from my hubby for my birthday. I love how masculine and retro this NIXON watch is and it looks great stacked with my vintage watchband bracelet that I wear almost every day. The best part is that it’s stretchy band makes it comfortable to push up on my arm when I’m busy working. You likey?


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2 Thoughts on “Minty Fresh

  1. Um, you are forgetting the OTHER gift you received on your birthday…. I mean I GUESS black furry rear-ends don’t have much place in this blog post about arm candy, but it was a heartfelt gift, nonetheless!

  2. I literally just laughed out loud from that comment!

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