Vintage Glamour

Vintage cape (similar); Rag & Bone tux blazer (similar); Betsey Johnson sweater dress (similar); Sparkle and Fade tank bralette (Urban Outfitters, similar); Kate Spade tights; BCBG shoes; etc… watchband bracelets, cuff and ring; all other jewelry, vintage.

Every now and then, I love to add some old Hollywood glamour into my otherwise bohemian New York City lifestyle. Lately I’ve been channeling a bit of Brigitte Bardot meets Jane Birkin meets Stevie Nicks, as you can see on my Pinterest (hence the recent experimentation with bangs), but as the temperatures bizarrely are going up and up this week, I’m looking forward to not relying on my winter gear and getting more glammed up. Channeling the 40′s to a look instantly adds some chicness to your day.

Have a chic day!

xo Liz

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2 Thoughts on “Vintage Glamour

  1. That short jacket (cape??) has a sable collar and is from about 1957 or so. Looks great on you!!!

  2. Yay for brooches! I’m loving the persian lamb coat too. It’s such a good look that channels both the glam and boho.

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