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Vintage trench coat (altered by Joe's Custom Tailors in Gramercy, NYC); Celebrity Pink trouser jeans (TJMaxx); Cashmere Scarf (Saks Fifth Avenue); Bensimon Basic Ballerine Slip-On Sneaker (http://www.epauletshop.com); Marc by Marc Jacobs bag; Burberry sunnies. / photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

From top to bottom: vintage bangle; etc... metal watchband bracelet (By Brooklyn); Marina Pecoraro "subtle skull head for the shy skull wearer" silk rope bracelet (Artists & Fleas Market); Vanessa Mooney zip me up wrap bracelet in purple (c/o Vanessa Mooney); etc... cord watchband bracelet (By Brooklyn); vintage friendship bracelet.

Do you ever have those days that you just don’t have the time to look your best? You don’t feel like washing your hair, but don’t know how to salvage your look? I know I do.

After working an exhausting day and looking quite disheveled, I didn’t want to run out of the house looking like a mess. It is NYC after all. My friend, Carla, claimed the other day that she wouldn’t even be caught dead wearing sweat pants while walking her dogs.

That’s where a few little tips come in that can help you look more put together no matter what:

It seems like someone would say, duh, I know my clothes should fit. Though, one small alteration can make all the difference. This vintage trench looked quite dowdy when I picked it up in Austin for only $25. I had it shortened to look a bit more fresh and what a difference it made. Now, I can throw it on over jeans and a tee, and voila, instantly chic.

Or, you’re Jerry Seinfeld circa 1995. While prepping for a job, or running around after my feet are aching, I will sometimes opt for a pair of casual kicks like classic Converse. Though, lately, I’ve been sporting the easiest pair or Bensimon‘s from the local shop, Epaulet. If you can’t make it to this cool shop, then get your own pair on endless.com for only $55!

I opted for an easy fishtail braid to combat my bad hair day—which looks much more complicated that it is. Check out this easy tutorial from Cupcakes and Cashmere to try it for yourself.
Still hair-challenged? Maybe try stepping it up with a make-up change, like this simple tip from Glamour Guild.

I love the way a small piece of fabric can transform an outfit. If you’re in need of How To Wear a Scarf 101, then this iVillage article will give you some ideas and pointers.
For the advanced scarf wearer, here is one of my favorite Parisian ways to wear a scarf, brought to you by The Sartorialist.

Got some style dilemmas? Email dearandistyle@gmail.com and you/your answer can be featured in an upcoming post!

xo DA

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4 Thoughts on “Effortlessly Chic

  1. haha! love the “don’t wear something athletic unless you’re doing something athletic”!! also makes me think of Forrest Gump! Definitely not a style icon to look up to :)

  2. Adrienne on October 6, 2011 at 3:23 pm said:

    Long time reader- first time poster- I love your blog! Just spent the past 45 minutes trying to do a fishbone- love the idea, but the ‘kid who uses too much paste” still has fat fingers and difficulty with braids.

  3. Love the braid… and how you made the “dowdy” raincoat” look so good!

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